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Special benefits or features of Internal Shutters




Internal Shutters are great for additional insulation to keep the heat in and cold out. They are also very good at reducing street noise.

Make sure you get a qualified company to help choose the correct configuration and then fit and hang your panels correctly. Bauhaus Blinds has that knowledge and experience. 

Shutters are the one true value adding window dressing. Bauhaus Blinds will get you the best price for that quality product with 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

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Many more options available

 for a free consultation, window measurement and quotation.

Shutters provide a simple and effective way to transform your home.


Interior Plantation Shutters are today's iconic interior design feature. There is simply no better technique for window dressing.


Ever so popular, shutters are very sleek but also a very practical product, which have both tilt control as well as fully open and to the wall outside the window recess.


Shutters are a perfect way to dress your windows to welcome in light in a modern and charming style.


As the shutter forms a permanent fixture in your home, unlike curtains or blinds, their installation increases the desirability and value of your home.

The three styles of Plantation Shutters we offer are tailored to how much privacy and light you want.


Full Height Shutter styles cover the whole window, each panel is opened in one piece.

Cafe Style Shutters cover the lower section only, great for properties overlooked only from lower level, allowing an abundance of light at the top.


Tier on Tier Shutters is designed as two independent sections (top and bottom), giving you the flexibility to open each section separately.


We also offer Tracked bi-fold shutters, Tracked parallel panels and shutters for Arched and Shaped Windows.

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